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Josh Dewey
Austin, Texas

Caleb Stillians

After killing this beautiful mature black bear, we quickly took photos and hurried to take care of the animals before dark. We finished up right at sunset now we need to start our 6-mile hike as the crow flies back to the camp. Oh did I mention we were in the prime grizzly country? Long story short after three hours of following the stars as well as falling we kept at it doing our best to keep an eye on the skyline mountain ridges that would help lead us back to camp. after a long 3 1/2 hours we walked in the camp or should I say crawled, all the same, we were safe and sound with a beautiful trophy to take home and a story to tell for a lifetime. I want to thank God for allowing us to take such a beautiful mature black bear. He was an old one, now junior can step up and fill his shoes.

  • Hunting in North America
  • Big game hunting
  • Fall of 2020
  • Fall Black bear

  • Black bear
  • Sex: male
  • Description: large adult male
  • Harvest Method: firearm
  • Harvest Date: fall of 2020
  • Harvest Time: in the evening
  • Harvest Location: Alaska sam
  • Land Type: free-range
  • United States
  • Alaska