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JD Smith
Dallas, Texas

Caleb Stillians

I classify the quality of life by the number of adventures I can pack into it.
The way I see it There are three types of adventures.
1st major adventures killing a Grizzly bear, climbing mountains, falling in love.
2nd mini-adventures going to a new country and meeting the people, or winning a competition.
But to me the 3rd type of adventures are the most important :
The micro-adventures eating sheep stew on top of a mountain to give you energy to keep going. The first cup of coffee on a cold morning with a good friend. Having a conversation with the person you love. Going home to mama’s house and eating dinner.

The point is to pack all the adventures into your life that you can and there will be no room for negativity because your life will be filled with joy…
What a hunt Mr. JD!!

  • Hunting in North America.
  • Big game hunting
  • Fall of 2020
  • Grizzly Bear Season

  • Grizzly Bear
  • Male
  • Firearm
  • Fall 2020
  • Evening
  • Kodiak Island, Alaska
  • United States
  • Kodiak Island, Alaska